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FuckUp Night

Successful entrepreneurs tell of their toughest downfalls.

Successful entrepreneurs talk about their toughest defeats.
On the evening of June 14, 2022, we will end the ruhrSUMMIT with a spectacular FuckUp Night! Finally live again in the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, successful entrepreneurs will talk about their biggest FuckUps on the long road to success in exciting 10-minute presentations. After each presentation, questions can be asked, followed by direct answers from the respective speaker. The goal is to cultivate a fear of failure in the course of starting a business.
In recent years, thousands of spectators attended the "FuckUp Night Ruhr Area" held as part of ruhrSUMMIT, and we will build on this in 2022.

What to expect:

  • Authentic stories about the failure of successful entrepreneurs
  • Averting and overcoming crises
  • Interactive exchange with the speakers directly after each presentation through Q&A sessions

Here are the speakers you can expect at #FvckUp Night Vol. 22 soon

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