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Why Attend


As exhibition area, the ruhrMETROPOLIS is the heart of the ruhrSUMMIT 2025. Corporates, start-ups and other players from specific fields of interest will gather in topic towns where they can interact directly with each other. This offers exhibitors as well as visitors the chance to engage in highly professional discussions! As a visitor, you can easily find your way around the topic town owns and find all the exhibitors in your field of interest in one place. Subject-specific content awaits you in each town!


The ruhrSUMMIT is all about you! Exhibit in the ruhrMETROPOLIS and show all participants what makes your business so special. You want more? Then secure a pitch slot for the ruhrSUMMIT Award. On the ruhrSUMMIT Stage, you will be up close and personal: the stage is close to the ground and offers the opportunity to turn your audience into active participants. Active involvement and interaction will energise your audience. Take them with you on your journey and secure your chance to win the prize money.

The hands-on concept of ruhrSUMMIT makes it even easier for you to get in touch with investors. We offer sufficient privacy in the Investors Lounge so that you can concentrate fully on your counterpart during matchmaking. Secure the deal that will push your start-up forward!


Position your company in the ruhrMETROPOLIS and exchange ideas with innovative start-ups and experts from the digital start-up scene. Visitors and investors can easily find you thanks to the thematic structure. This gives you the opportunity to make valuable contacts effortlessly. Take your place in the ruhrMETROPOLIS theme towns and set the stage for your company in the Ruhr region's start-up scene. Contribute your experience and expertise and take the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by like-minded people.


The ruhrSUMMIT is the platform for start-ups, investors and companies to network, learn from each other and promote innovative ideas. At the event, you will meet ambitious founders who present fresh, forward-looking projects - perfect for your investment opportunities. You have the opportunity to secure a place in the Investors Lounge for discreet discussions. The ruhrSUMMIT also offers you numerous inspiring talks, workshops and an international focus that will provide you with valuable insights into global trends and technologies. Use this opportunity to expand your network, discover exciting investment opportunities and play an active role in shaping the future of the Ruhr region.

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