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Creating added value together

The ruhrSUMMIT masterclasses offer you a unique combination of interactivity and innovative topics. The slots are designed to inspire participants like you, open up new perspectives and teach practical skills.
In our interactive masterclasses, you can expect exciting discussions, practical exercises and the opportunity to interact directly with experts in their field. We have put together a diverse selection of topics. Your active participation and expertise can create valuable added value.


10:30 – 12:00

When Germany becomes too small - International scaling
There are many reasons that motivate numerous German start-ups to expand abroad every year. But regardless of whether it's about tapping into new growth markets, increasing the visibility of the start-up for investors and talent or reducing costs, international scaling is a major challenge for founders. KPMG experts point out legal and tax pitfalls and answer the most important questions.

Florian Merkel
12:20 – 13:50

When is my Start-up Investor ready?
In this masterclass, we look at investor readiness from two angles:
• When does a start-up become interesting for an investor?
• How do I communicate with investors?

NRW Bank
will be held in German
Lutz Lambert (NRW.BANK Venture Center), Dr. Antonia Nörthemann und Judith Mertens (win Business Angels)
12:20 – 13:50

Impact Measurement for Startups
Make the social and ecological impact of your business model measurable and visible! In a mixture of theoretical basics and practical applications, you will learn the following:
• Define impact criteria
• Collect and use data effectively
• Optimise business strategies
• Improve stakeholder communication

Halle 1 West
Maximilian Mühlberger, Alicia Reimer
14:00 – 15:30

Angel Investing at its best:
• Business Angels Mindset
• Where to find angels and how?
• Angels above the Ruhr
• Negotiating with angels at eye level
• How and what start-ups and established companies learn from each other
• Angels and start-ups: how collaboration works

Business Angels Deutschland e.V. (BAND)
will be held in German
Moderated by Dr. Ute Günther (Vorstand Business Angels Deutschland e. V. (BAND), Johannis Hatt (Angel Investor, CEO jvh-ventures GmbH), Petra Hartjes (Angel Investorin), Jörg Gudat (Angel Investor, Founder & CEO LABS.ruhrGmbH), Thorsten Podlech (Angel Investor, Geschäftsführer Fiorik GmbH), Marius Rosenberg (Partner TIGGES Rechtsanwälte und Steuerberater), Jan Ochel (Angel Investor, Geschäftsführer AMR-Engineering GmbH), Katja Ruhnke (Angel Investorin, Geschäftsführerin CK Venture Capital GmbH)
14:00 – 15:30

The 1x1 of prototyping with the WORLDFACTORY Makerspace
The vast world of prototyping ranges from technical devices to apps, but product photography and image videos should not be forgotten either. The Makerspace supports the teams at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and its cooperation partners in all of this. In this masterclass, you will learn about the prototyping journey and, who knows, you might even get creative yourself.

Halle 1 West
Lena Seeliger, Michael Schwarz, Valerie Seela, Christiane Jonietz
15:35 – 17:05

Masterclass for Business: Impulses from the future
Understanding change and actively shaping the future is increasingly becoming a critical economic factor for companies and start-ups. In this masterclass, we provide an insight into the future - from the perspective of psychology and management.

Zukunftsinstitut & opta data Zukunfts-Stiftung
Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen & Prof. Dr. Stefan Tewes
15:35 – 17:05

Recruiting for start-ups - practical, cost-efficient, different
Applicable expert knowledge & fresh impetus for your recruiting:
• Benefits of SEO in recruiting
• Opportunities with Google
• Optimisation of job advertisements
• What is the best platform?

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Halle 1 West
Stefan Gerth
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